The Gift of Gold

This can be filed under TMI (too much information).

Since he was born, just under four months ago, we have been saying a special code word when we see my son pee. At first, that was quite often. It seemed that every time we’d change his diaper he’d target us for a shower or he would pee moments after the second pin would be clasped. Once, he peed so hard, I could hear the stream as it hit the diaper.

Starting about two weeks ago, we started putting him on a little potty after he wakes and when we change his diaper. We also do so when he is fussing but is not hungry.We? I should say, my wife has been putting him on the potty. This afternoon, I did it for the second or third time. Each time he sits on the little potty is called a pottytunity.

For each pottytunity, we also say the special code word. The word is something he should never hear out or in regular conversation. Let’s just say, the special code is “unique.”

After only a few days, he gave the gift of gold. He has now been peeing into the potty a few times a day (sometimes less, sometimes more). Even if he does not leave anything behind, we reward him with smiles and congratulations after each pottytunity.

Now to my story. I was holding him this afternoon and he began to fuss. My wife identified it as his pee complaint. So I quickly put him on the potty but nothing came out. He just sat there. After a minute, or perhaps more, my wife she reminded me to say the special code word. Immediately after I said the code word, he began to pee. Incredibly, he had waited for me to say the word.

The technique is called elimination communication. Let me say, it works. I was skeptical until now. But wow, it really does work. Now we just need to figure out if baby sign language works so he can more easily tell us what he wants: milk; pee; poo; playtime; or sleepy.

My First Pottytunity

I’m such a potty mouth these days.

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    • Sorry for the late response. EC worked out wonderfully well for us. Our little hippo was mostly out of diapers by 1 and was completely out by 18 months. Yes, there will be accidents but it was nothing compared to battling a three year old over using the potty versus a diaper (sadly, we know way too many parents who fought that battle).

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