For the dogs

We have been adopted by James, pictured here with Sprout. He is now our escort around the village, sentry, and play mate all rolled up into one fuzzy ball.
Cas and James

His former family is leaving the island for Hawai’i and need to leave him behind. It is extremely expensive to take an animal from Saipan to Hawai’i. Costs easily exceed $2,000. Regardless, we’re happy that he adopted us. And when we leave for California, James will adopt another family in the compound.┬áSadly, this is part of what it means to be a boonie dog on Saipan.

Update: I wish to clarify one point. James will remain on Saipan when we leave because it would be extremely unfair to move him to a city. He has grown up on a farm where he can explore to his heart’s delight, has never worn a leash, and rarely deals with crowds of people or cars. I did buy and put a collar on him last week, but that’s so we can take him to the beach on a long rope and tie him in the back of a pick-up truck.