About Dan Bednarski:

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  • I pretend to garden.
  • I don’t fit in a box.
  • My newest hobby is stargazing. I’m even grinding my own mirror for a reflector telescope, the kind invented by Sir Isaac Newton.
  • I live in SoCal with a beautiful soul and our little sprout. She’s a writer. I pretend to be one. We seem to bounce from L.A. to the Silicon Valley every few years. We even spent a year on Saipan where I worked as a judicial law clerk.
  • I’m fascinated by the intersection of technology, policy and law.
  • I am a licensed attorney — California bar number 272263.
  • In my professional life, I spent more than thirteen years (1996-2006, 2008-2009, 2012-2014) as a policy wonk, working for GeoCities and then Yahoo!. For GeoCities, I managed the team that dealt with abuse complaints and privacy policy. For Yahoo!, I managed a Customer Care group handling abuse for a year and then spent the next six dedicated to the privacy policy. I had intended to take a break from that professional identity for three years (maybe more) to attend law school, but returned to Y! for a year to work and attend law school concurrently. I also worked as a law clerk for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), a U.S. territory nearly hidden halfway between Honolulu and Manila. Now I’m at the house built by a mouse and his seven dwarves.
  • Good policy is a science. Bad policy is a nightmare for all.
  • I was an eagle scout but it is very unlikely I will let my son join the Boy Scouts. I think the organization excludes others for all the wrong reasons (such as intolerance).
  • My home computers run Ubuntu Linux – not much different from Microsoft Windows except the price tag: $0 – and Apple OSX (because Dell seriously disappointed me with the last laptop I bought from it).

Note: All opinions expressed within my blog are my own. Really, they are. I do not speak for anyone but myself. Consequently, I do NOT speak for my current or former employers, friends, or family. In addition, nothing here is to be construed as legal advice.