Law school orientation, day 2

Ok, so now that two days have passed, I am starting to form an opinion that isn’t summarized by excited or nervous.

I did well with my first brief assignment. I did miss a few key points and I was too detailed and included some dicta (points made by a judge which are irrelevant to the decision at hand) in my analysis portion, but I was feeling pretty good because I knew what was going on in the cases and could contribute to the class discussion. I had thought I might feel in over my head but don’t feel that way after today.

I feel like a moron after filling out a short questionnaire for my LARAW (legal analysis, research, and writing) prof. It had scratch outs and sloppy handwriting. It shows how much I’m used to writing by hand.

My classmates are fairly well accomplished. In my small group (30), there are a handful of folks who spent a few years as teachers, a few who had worked for non-profits, several engineers, and even one Ph.D. We were told that the median age for full-time students is 23, but it seems higher, more like 26 or so because only a few are coming straight from undergrad. But then again, we were told that our class ranges from 19 years old to 51. Maybe they stacked other groups with the young uns. We’re all still wondering who the 19 y/o is.

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