Google Wifi – more information

I’ve been using Google Wifi for a few days now, switching between that and my home wifi connection. It has been fairly consistent and zippy, however there is a substantial degradation of speed when Google VPN is on. There is no way I’ll use Google Wifi without using VPN, for security reasons.

I think Google’s gamble will pay off. I’ve found myself using Google more now than I had before, and I’m a Yahoo! loyalist, having worked there for so long. Google knows my exact location, knows what web sites have been the focus of my time online, and can infer personal traits from that information. When I do a search with Google or use one of their services, they can use that information to serve me ‘relevant’ ads to me. Relavant ads are the holy grail of the advertising business.

I’ll still keep paying SBC/AT&T for my dsl although I dislike their privacy policy and illegal cooperation with the Bush administration for spying. Maybe this time next year, I’ll be able to drop AT&T completely.
Google Calendar is one of those products I found myself trying out. Google needs to provide a feature/tool which will sync my Google Calendar with Outlook. For now, Yahoo! wins hands down because I can fairly easily sync my Y! Calendar with Outlook. I think that ultimately the winner between Y! and Google will create a desktop calendar program which automatically sync. Hopefully, they both create a program which will compete with Outlook.

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