Football National Champions: Utah

The University of Utah football team is the national champion of the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision, the top level in college football, regardless of the outcome of tonight’s football game between the University of Florida and the University of Oklahoma. As the only undefeated team in the major conferences it is clear that Utah is the only team that can rightfully call themselves national champions.

No. 7 Utah beats No. 4 Alabama 31-17 in Sugar Bowl – College Football –
Brian Johnson and seventh-ranked Utah came down from the mountains to SEC country and established themselves as the best of the BCS busters, finishing 13-0 with a convincing 31-17 win over No. 4 Alabama in the Sugar Bowl on Friday night.

Yet, after winning the Mountain West Conference, the Utes were left out of the BCS national championship game in favor of perennial powers Florida and Oklahoma, even though both have one loss.

There is no reason to watch tonight’s game, except to take in another meaningless football game. So like many others across the nation, I’ll not bother to turn on the television because there is nothing at stake and my team (USC Trojans) is not playing. Oh, that and I really am boycotting college football as I said I would last year.

Time for a playoff. What other sport in the World crowns a champion with an arbitrary selection by people and computers without a head-to-head matchup? It doesnâ??t happen. Even boxing, fixed as it is, has head-to-head matchups.

Unfortunately, there are no financial incentives to change how things are. That is, until fans provide them. So I’m calling for a fan boycott. Yes, a fan boycott (again).

Boycott: How it will work

  • Refuse to purchase any memorabilia or merchandise that has a logo of any college that participates in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (list here). Also refuse to purchase any tickets to football games, including bowl games. I will not buy any more Trojan Gear until a playoff is installed. The ultimate decision is up to the school presidents of the big six leagues.
  • Contact companies that sponsor your football team, the league they compete in, and the bowl games to declare your opposition to the bowl system and
  • Target one specific company: FedEx
    • Contact its Customer Care (1-800-GoFedEx | 1-800-463-3339) and lodge your dissatisfaction with its sponsoring the Title Game and request it pressure the NCAA to form a football playoff it sponsors instead.
    • Companies are very concerned about image and a few thousand calls regarding its sponsorship will make it take notice.
    • As a last resort, if you want to go this far, is to switch your business.
  • Refuse to watch the games. If anyone has power to convince schools, it is the TV networks that paid beaucoup bucks to broadcast the games. They depend on advertising revenue based on the number of “eyeballs” watching the broadcast. If those “eyeballs” were to not show up …

Until a playoff is installed, I’ll just divert more attention to studying and soccer (a.k.a. futbol).

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