Broiled Asparagus

Tonight, we had the best asparagus I’ve ever tasted.  Here is the recipe.

1 bunch, thick asparagus
grapeseed or olive oil, to drizzle
sea salt, to sprinkle
fresh ground pepper, to taste
two cloves, diced garlic

1) Turn on broiler, set the rack at the second notch from the top.
2) Clean and snap off the bottoms of the spears where they turn from green to white. This removes the fiberous part.
3) Place the asparagus in a broiler pan. I use a cast iron griddle.
3) Drizzle olive or grapeseed oil over the top, sprinkle sea salt and the pepper.
4) Then brush the mixture over all the asparagus spears. Be sure to flip them over to get both sides.
5) Put in oven for fivce minutes.
6) Remove from the oven, flip the asparagus spears over, sprinkle on the garlic and rebrush the oil using oil in the pan.
7) Broil another ten minutes or so. You want the asparagus to blister and brown.

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