An indecent Fox in the hen house

By now, you’ve probably heard that Fox’s censors were kept busy during the Emmy awards, though they were a little too trigger happy. It appears to me that Fox making a big fat statement that it intends to over-censor if the indecency laws aren’t changed. I’ll bet Fox conveniently chose to take its stand during a show without an audience since Family Guy and The Simpsons have each undoubtedly made similar statements in the past.

First is Sally Field who said: “Let’s face it, if mothers ruled the world there would be no goddamn wars in the first place.”
Here is the censored version from Fox – Watch at 1:50.

Here is the uncensored version from elsewhere – watch at: 1:25

Second is Ray Romano who said: “Frasier is screwing my wife.” I could only find a copy of the censored video. The quote is found in quite a few places including SF Gate.

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