“The history of the Devil is all screwed up”

The UCLA alumni magazine this month features an interview with English Professor Henry Ansgar Kelly regarding his latest book, Satan: A Biography. Based on the interview, the book sounds fascinating. I’d like to at least skim it if I ever can find the time.

The Devil You Don’t Know – Departments – UCLA Magazine Online

Q. So there is no Original Sin?

A. Jesus never talks about Original Sin. He talks about the sinfulness of the world, which is pretty evident. But the Fathers [of the Church] came up with the whole business that people are damned to begin with unless they get baptized. The Church is pushing itself into a corner now by saying that every fertilized egg has an immortal soul tainted with Original Sin, and all these miscarried embryos and fetuses, they’re not going to get to Heaven, the most they can get to is Limbo. And once they get rid of Limboâ?Š

He then notes that the church is about to get rid of limbo.

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