Lesbians For Sarah Palin

By now, you’ve all heard facts about Sarah Palin (abusing power, firing people, banning books, porking it to the Feds, etc.) Now for some humor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lesbians For Sarah Palin – “… we would start this website advocating that our lesbian sisters nationwide turn out in DROVES at all presidential campaign pit stops where Sarah Palin appears. Arrive with large signs openly proclaiming, “Lesbians For Sarah Palin.” Let’s be out and proud about it, my sisters!”

You might pee in your pants reading this

This may be April, April 30 to be exact, but the following is not an April Fools’ Joke.

People of Lesbos take gay group to court over term ‘Lesbian’ – Yahoo! News
ATHENS, Greece – A Greek court has been asked to draw the line between the natives of the Aegean Sea island of Lesbos and the world’s gay women.

Three islanders from Lesbos รข?? home of the ancient poet Sappho, who praised love between women รข?? have taken a gay rights group to court for using the word lesbian in its name.

One of the plaintiffs said Wednesday that the name of the association, Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece, “insults the identity” of the people of Lesbos, who are also known as Lesbians.

“My sister can’t say she is a Lesbian,” said Dimitris Lambrou. “Our geographical designation has been usurped by certain ladies who have no connection whatsoever with Lesbos,” he said.

The three plaintiffs are seeking to have the group barred from using “lesbian” in its name and filed a lawsuit on April 10. The other two plaintiffs are women.

It might be a tad too late to put the genie back in the bottle.

Beepo and the Tomato

We are frequently asked how we met Beepo. Those who ask know how most people have met Beepo, but they wonder how he came into our lives.

The answer is simple. We saved him from a tomato and quickly fell in love his adorable nature, antics, and wild adventures. He is now part of our growing family.

One day, Beepo snuck up on an unsuspecting tomato.
Beepo on the Prowl

But the tomato turned on him, snarling like a junk yard dog.
Snarling Tomato

Run Beepo! Run!
The Chase is on

You’d be surprised how loud and messy a snarling tomato can be.
Snarling Tomato

Run Beepo! Run! Keep Running!

Watch out, you might be splashed with acidic tomato drool.
Snarling Tomato

He jumped into our arms and safety immediately after this photo was taken. ๐Ÿ™‚
Beepo Running

He’s now an inseparable part of our family. Sadly, the tomato escaped capture.