One down, now for the big test …

I took my Con Law exam earlier today. I feel pretty good about it. I was well prepared. There were only two multiple choice questions I was unsure of, but was lucky enough to take a 50% bet on them. The essay section wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be. They were fairly straight forward First Amendment questions that dealt with the Jena 6 situation in Louisiana.

Now for the real test. I have exams in Evidence on Monday evening and Int’l Law on Tuesday afternoon. Throw in the usual distractions and I’m neck deep in studying and hoping I’m not knee deep in something else.

I still have another exam the following Monday and paper that’s still due. I’m looking forward to the 20th when its all done for the semester. Then again, it all starts over a few weeks later with, hopefully, new distractions.

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