I Recommend: Open Office

I recommend Open Office, a free (yes FREE) office suite of software. It is distributed by Sun Microsystems, the same company that created the Java programming language.


I use this software at work and at home in place of Microsoft Office. It includes programs for writing, drawing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Yes, you can even open any old Microsoft Office documents such those created in Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), and Powerpoint (.ppt). And if you’re still stuck with WordPerfect and other [very] flawed Corel programs, Open Office is perfect for you as well.

You no longer need to pay Bill Gates and crew at Microsoft your hard earned money for Office. You can now get what you need for free.

If you’re wary of Open Office because it was very buggy in the past, try it again. I tried Open Office a few different times in the past. Once, when it was called Star Office, it crashed Windows and gave blue screens regularly. A few years later, it was just buggy and cranky. But now, it rocks. Go for it.

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