Google WiFi v. AT&T Pro DSL

I’ve been testing out Google WiFi over the past few months. I even invested in a WiFi modem to pull the signal into my humble abode. Google WiFi is surprisingly comparable to the speeds AT&T Pro DSL gives. If only it were more reliable (but that’s another issue for another day).

DSL Reports: Google WiFi

DSL Reports: AT&T

And yes, I canceled my AT&T subscription. No more phone line. No more DSL. No more $1.25/mo. to remain out of the phone book. No more AT&T knowing it was overcharging but doing it anyway even though it intended to refund the following month, for now at least. And if I ever get my way, the last mile will be provided by a true common carrier, independent company, or municipal utility. Now that would provide competition.  😉

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