Fall semester, a recap

What a wild and crazy ride.

For no good reason, I took 17 units during the fall semester. I don’t recommend it to anyone else. I had five classes total: Constitutional Law II (Con Law), Evidence, Business Organizations (Biz Orgs), Mass Communications (Mass Comm), and International Law. I also enrolled in the Advanced Northern California Innocence Project (NCIP) clinic.

Con Law, Evidence, and Biz Orgs are called bar classes. That means they are considered essential because the subjects are tested on the bar exam. International Law is not required but I’m very intrigued by the subject matter. All four of these classes had exams which ended in December. Grades have been trickling in for the past week.

I took Mass Comm because I intend to be a communications attorney, or at the very least be involved in communications policy. Mass Comm. was a paper class, meaning no test was given but a 30 page paper was required. I posted about my paper previously (see: Book Closed)

NCIP, I posted about previously (see: FresnoBee.com: Fresnanâ??s murder conviction reversed).

So far, I’m enjoying my best semester since high school with an A- in each: Con Law, Evidence, and International Law. I say that as I knock on wood with crossed fingers. I’m still waiting for Biz Orgs, Mass Comm, and NCIP. Much better than last year’s grades (2.89 g.p.a.) thus far .

Update: I now have all my grades. I don’t think I’ve had a better semester before now in terms of grades. I have three A- grades, two A grades, and one B grade (Biz Orgs). To celebrate, I’m sticking my nose into research for my privacy law class paper. 🙂

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