Riddle me this Batman:

If someone doesn’t pass the bar exam, is she still a lawyer?

In South Carolina, that’s answered in the affirmative. It appears a well connected politician was able to pull a few strings so his daughter could “pass” the South Carolina bar exam. Might as well scrap the test at this point. The one positive in all this: at least corruption in South Carolina isn’t hidden.
GreenvilleOnline.com -News-Harrison: ‘Daughter’s hard work’ helped change Bar exam – (11/14/2007)

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said Tuesday it was his daughterâ??s hard work and not his influence that helped change the results of this summerâ??s Bar exam, allowing her and 19 other applicants to pass.Rep. Jim Harrison told The Greenville News that his intervention by calling the chairman of the Board of Law Examiners was nothing unusual.

“I did the same for her as I would do for any constituent or any father would do for his child,” Harrison said of his daughter, “and that is simply to raise the issue that thereâ??s something that needs to be looked at, and if it is looked at, let the chips fall wherever they may.”

Harrisonâ??s comments came hours before his daughter, Catherine, and 383 others were admitted to the Bar by the South Carolina Supreme Court, which two weeks ago changed the results of the July Bar exam, resulting in 20 people passing who earlier hadnâ??t.

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