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I apologize ahead of time for any broken links. GeoCities is shutting down and I am (slowly) moving my HTML help pages to a web site I host. My web site was hosted on GeoCities between July 1996 and July 2009.
How To Add Links
Add the HTML code for the link command:
<a href="http://www.bednarski.us/html/html-help.html" alt="link description"> GeoDanny </a>
  • a href -tells the browser you want to create a link
  • /a -tells the browser you want to close the link.
  • alt -tells the browser a description of your link. This is particularly important to use when linking images. Screen readers and other assistive technology used by blind users will use this to describe the link.

Substitute the URL to my account with the one you want to link and substitute GeoDanny for the text you want the link to say.

A link to the Yahoo! home page at http://www.yahoo.com will look like this:

  • <a href="http://www.yahoo.com" alt="Yahoo! homepage"> Yahoo! </a>
  • Yahoo!
  • How To Add Images
    Add the HTML code for the image command:
    <img src="http://www.bednarski.us/danny/image.gif" alt="image description" >
    • img -tells the browser you want to insert a picture
    • src -tells the browser where to get the picture.
    • alt -tells the browser a description of your image. This is particularly important for blind users, since it will tell them what the image is and allows them to participate.

    The source should be in your account, in which case you would substitute your address for mine and the name of the image for "image.gif."

    For example:
    <img src="http://www.geocities.com/geodanny/yahoo.gif" alt="Yahoo! logo" >
    pulls up the following gif:

    Yahoo! logo
    "Do you, uh, Yahoo!?"

    Out of courtesy, please do not link directly to any image that isn't in your directory. With GeoCities, you can use EZ uploader in the file manager or you can pay for FTP. By linking directly to files in someone elses account, you make others pay for the bandwidth you use.

    Please Note: GeoCities allows each account only so many kilobytes bandwidth per month, measured on an hourly basis. If you link directly to a file in my directory, any visit to your home page will count against my bandwidth limit. In the past, my page was shut down once a day, mostly because others linked directly to my image files. Consequently, all images or other files in my account will be unavailable during the time my account is shut down for exceeding the bandwidth limitations.

    You can however, sign up for a photo sharing service such as Flickr (a Yahoo! service) which encourages you to pull photos from its site to share and blog about. So upload your photos there and get started. Pay attention to the copyrights of the author and respect them if you choose to use someone else's photos. In the case of Flickr, they will give you the HTML code to copy and paste into your web page. You can get it from the "All Sizes" page, linked just above the photo.

    How To Change Color
    Use The Color Cube! to dynamically pick from a wide varieties of colors and quickly see what they look like on a web page (you will need javascript turned on).

    Change Colors in Your HTML Documents
    Add the HTML code :
    <body bgcolor="colour code" text="colour code" link="colour code" vlink="colour code" alink="colour code">

    • "bgcolor" is the background color
    • "text" is the text color
    • "link" is the color of un-visited hyperlinks that you reference
    • "vlink" is the color of visited hyperlinks
    • "alink' is the color of active hyperlinks

    I have prepared some examples for you. Click on the codes I have provided:
    <body bgcolor="000000" text="FFFFFF" link="ffff00" vlink="cococo">

    <body bgcolor="#006666" text="#FFFF80" link="#F1F1E0" vlink="#99CC32" alink="#FF0000">

    <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" link="#0000FF">

    If you want to put in an image as your background, just substitute the bgcolor="colour code" with background="image.gif"
    You can easily interchange .gif with .jpg (.jpeg) or .bmp.

    And remember to use The Color Cube! to dynamically pick from a wide varieties of colors and quickly see what they look like on a web page (you will need javascript turned on).

    Other Basic Commands
    Here are lists of commands and what they mean...

    <br> ... is for a line break... use this if you want to end a line early or to add another blank line
    <L1> ... is for the start of a line in a list
    <i> ... is for italics (close it off with </i>)
    <em> ... is the same as "i" used in italics (close it off with </em>)
    <strong> ... is a command that makes text appear bold (close it off with </strong>)
    <b> .... you guessed it is for bold print (close it off with </b>)
    <u> .... this underlines text...but it only shows up in certain browsers (close it off with </u>)
    ... this will indent a line
    ... this will indent a quote (close it off with </blockquote>)

    <p> .... is to end a paragraph...

    these are for lists...
    <OL> ... is the command for ordered lists that will come out with a number in front of each item. When you are done with your list, close it off with </OL>.
    <UL> ... is the command for unnumbered lists that will come out with a bullet in front of each item. When you are done with your list, close it off with </UL>.
    <DL> ... is the command for lists, in which the items will be indented, without numbers or bullets in front of the items. When you are done with your list, close it off with </DL>.

      For each of these, you will have to put <L1>, in front of each item, so as to activate the list.
      Also, to end the list, put in the end command for the list you used.
      You will also have to end each list with a paragraph marker (<p>).




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